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Glwadys, 21 years old,  is from France has already spent a year with a family with 2  kids, 10 and 12 years old,  in Maryland and now she would like to spend 6 month in California. Glwadys likes to be outdoors, biking and hiking and she is also creativ, spending lot of time on scrapbooking. She has strong swimming and driving skills and she is infant qualified. She has wonderful recommendations from her current family:

“Glwadys has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is kind, considerate, helpful, takes initiative, and has a good sense of humor. She is a pleasure to be around, and has provided competent care to my children. I particularly appreciate her good attitude and sense of adventure.

She took the kids to school, picked them up and helped with homework in the evenings. She also helped them with laundry and other tasks as needed. Usually, once or twice a week, she would also stay with them in the evenings when I was out.”



Javier, 23 years old from Spain has spent a year in Massachusetts with his host family with 2 kids, 8 months old and 3 years old. He is looking for a new family and would love to come to California for his 6 months extension time.  Javier has been swimming his whole life, likes skating and explore the nature. He also plays spanish guitar and likes acting and making videos.

 He  has wonderful recommendations from her current family:

“Javier is our 4th au pair, all have been 21+ males, as our son like having an older brother figure, and all have been very good. Javier has had the easiest time of all of them integrating into our family. His English is fantastic — I mean really fantastic. He understands everything. He is playful with our son and is happy to play or makeup games with him, take him outside to play, cook and bake with him. He really felt like a part of our family the first week — which is amazing. What makes Javier stand out is that he enjoys being a part of the family, and he truly tries to pitch in with everything but in a very natural way. He is genuinely helpful and nice to everyone, and he respects us as parents and the rules of our household. He is literally the ideal au pair. He is fine driving. I have not seen him drive in winter conditions, but he has been through winter in the northeast USA already, so he is probably fine in those conditions as well”

• It’s childcare you can trust like family. Our au pairs are carefully screened and trained by our own staff, and are infant CPR and First Aid certified.
• It’s flexible. You set the schedule however you decide, and have help when you need it including mornings, after school, evenings, even weekends!
• It’s affordable. Get up to 45 hours of childcare each week for an average monthly cost of $1,640.
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email: lisa.carlsson@lcc.culturalcare.com

website: lcarlsson.aupairnews.com

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